Bachelor Nation Can’t Stop Laughing At This Contestant’s Champagne Crisis

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
We’re only two weeks into Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, and there are already several major moments that the irrerevent Bachelor fandom has gleefully transformed into hilarious memes. Contestant Madison Prewett was the first victim after getting caught complimenting herself on Instagram. Luckily for Madison, her embarrassment has been eclipsed by what many are calling one of the funniest moments in the franchise’s history: Champagne Gate.
Kelsey Weier might not have immediately stood out amongst the crowd on the first night — somebody pulled up in a sexy red convertible, another girl was quite literally folded into a suitcase — but she's definitely made an impression on Peter now. On the night of the second rose ceremony, Kelsey set up a plan to show Peter her genuine heart. The former beauty queen and professional clothier brought a special bottle of champagne to the Bachelor mansion, planning to pop it open with Peter as she expressed her feelings to him. But the universe (read: the show's producers) had other plans.
After being sidelined by another contestant, Kelsey was already pretty frustrated. Despite having an initial connection with Peter, she wasn't one of the chosen few to go on a date with him and didn't have enough time to chat with him before the rose ceremony. Her champagne bottle could be the thing to drive home her commitment to Peter; after all, Kelsey had been saving it for over a year.
Unfortunately for her, someone (again: likely the producers of The Bachelor) just wasn't going to let that happen. Hannah Ann Sluss steals Peter away, as one does, and the couple stumbles upon the romantic fireplace, complete with Kelsey's champagne. To Kelsey's despair, they pop open the bottle, and all hell breaks loose. She is distraught and accuses Hannah Ann, in front of their boyfriend, of plotting to steal her super special Des Moines bubbly.
Feeling bad, Peter rushes to make it up to Kelsey by presenting her with a different, less important bottle of champagne just for them to share. It's not *her* bottle, and it doesn't quite hold the same sentiment, but he looks genuinely distressed that he hurt Kelsey, so it's fine.
Until it's not. When Kelsey goes to take a swig from the bottle, champagne literally explodes in her face. Almost as if...someone shook it...before giving it to Peter...
Bachelor Nation fully lost it at the sight of the contestant being absolutely drenched in champagne, and to be fair, it was hilarious.
Did Hannah Ann know that the champagne belonged to someone else? Maybe. We wouldn't put it past anyone on this show to do something underhanded to make themselves look good. But The Bachelor's production team is also notoriously shady. Poor Hannah Ann could have just been a pawn in their season-long game of drama.
Nonetheless, Champagne Gate ended well for both parties involved; Hannah Ann and Kelsey were given a coveted red rose in the rose ceremony. But this isn't the end of the drama between these two women, not by a long shot. If anything, we just got our first look at the beginning of Kelsey's origin story as the supervillain of Peter's season, courtesy of a very special bottle of bubbly.

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