A Guide To 2020’s Wildest Bachelor Limo Entrances

It wouldn't be a Bachelor season without several women dressing up in hopes of making a memorable first impression. Peter's Bachelor season had four costumed contestants, and they were all super on theme to his life.
Sometimes the costumes that contestants put on for their limo arrivals are totally random. Alexis Waters wore a shark costume to Nick Viall's season because she liked dolphins and thought it was a dolphin costume. JoJo Fletcher put on a unicorn mask to be the unicorn Ben Higgins was looking for. Alex Dillon, for some reason, was a sloth on Colton Underwood's season. However all of the costumes on Peter's season were either related to his occupation as a pilot or to the now well known fact that he had sex with Bachelorette Hannah Brown in a windmill
All of the costumes and the puns the women had prepared to go along with them were pretty cheesy, but that's par for the course during the limo arrivals episode. Everyone's just trying to make a lasting first impression and these costumes did help with that. Are any of these women destined to be Peter's co-pilot? Will their love take flight? Will they ever have their own windmill moment? (Sorry, we had to, because it's literally tattooed in our brains after months of ABC using this stuff in the promos.)

Who Is The Windmill On The Bachelor?

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Deandra, the 23-year-old home care coordinator from Plano, Texas, "knows how to stand out in a crowded room" according to her ABC bio. That's partially because she has 10 siblings and needed to make herself known in that crowd, and also just because she loves "being the center of attention." So it's no wonder that she went big with her limo arrival.
Deandra strapped on a set of windmill blades and went as the now iconic (for Bachelor fans) fantasy suite location. "Are you ready for round five?" Deandra asked Peter, referencing the time Hannah Brown fessed up to having sex not once in the windmill, but four times.

Who Is The Angel On The Bachelor?

There are three flight attendants on Peter's season, but only one of them showed up wearing angel wings. Eunice is the angel this season (costume-wise, at least — we don't know much about her personality yet). She told Peter that she knew a lot of women would be going all out for their arrivals, so, as a flight attendant, she thought she would just "wing it." Hardy har. 
Outside of the show, Eunice is a flight attendant for United Airlines, although Chris Harrison said in a video about the contestants that she apparently doesn't like to fly — "she just likes the lifestyle." Eunice also knows one of the other flight attendants on Peter's season. Harrison said that both Eunice and this other flight attendant work for the same airline and knew each other coming into the show. He didn't give a name, but a quick search revealed that Bachelor contestant Megan is also a United Airlines attendant. But will this connection lead to further friendship or tension in the house?

Who Brought The Giant Paper Airplane To The Bachelor?

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Prince Harry took this photo

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If you thought Eunice's wings would be the only plane reference during the premiere, you'd be sorely mistaken. Madison is a 23-year-old foster care recruiter from Alabama, and she showed up dressed as an airplane — well, a paper airplane. She walked in wearing the giant contraption around her waist and then told Peter, "I successfully landed my plane, so hopefully all that's left to do is land your heart." It was pretty cringey, but Peter seemed to think it was cute.

Most Importantly, Who Was In The Suitcase On The Bachelor?

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In a truly impressive act of contortion (actual magic?) Kiarra popped out of a suitcase to meet Peter. It was like she saw the Box King arrive in a giant box on Hannah Brown's season and she thought, "Hmm… but what if the box was a TSA size-approved piece of luggage instead?"
Peter and host Chris Harrison were both baffled by the stunt, and Harrison had previously hyped it up in his video introduction of the contestants saying, "I'm not often impressed by entrances the first night, but when Kiarra came down the driveway, I was impressed … [she] really put her life in danger. I'm not joking … [it was] damn impressive."
In her ABC bio, the 23-year-old nanny said that her greatest skill is being able to "literally talk to a brick wall about anything and everything" but Kiarra, girl, your greatest skill is fitting into and being able to get out of a suitcase on a national television show and look both graceful and badass while doing it.
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