Surprise, There’s A Twin On Peter’s Bachelor Season

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Some women on Peter Weber's Bachelor season made a huge splash during the first episode. But one hung out in the background, quiet, waiting for the right moment to share their secrets. Turns out Kelsey Weier from The Bachelor has a twin.
Unless Kelsey gets kicked off in the first five minutes of episode 2, this just has to to come up. Having a twin is exactly the sort of small talk The Bachelor loves to feature as a means of momentary (and sure to be forgotten the second a one-on-one date comes up) connection. I can see it now: In a confessional interview after speaking to Kelsey for five minutes, Peter will say something like, "I feel like I understand so much more about who Kelsey is now that I know she has a twin."
But regardless of when, how, or if it comes up, you can remember on your own that Kelsey has a fraternal twin and a younger sister. Kelsey's twin sister is named Kayla and that their younger sister is named Kalason. All of the sisters seem to take up a lot of Instagram real estate, and each photo is shared with messages of love and support — then again, no one posts Instagrams of the times they fought with siblings over the TV remote or space in the bathroom mirror. Still, there's some cute family bonding going on, and Kayla and Kalason both rooted for Kelsey when she competed as Miss Iowa in the Miss USA competition in 2017. (Yep, Kelsey is one of the five pageant gals participating in this season.)
Being fraternal twins, Kelsey and Kayla don't look exactly alike, but the family resemblance is there. And since they're grown women, they don't dress alike (anymore), but they did have a twinning moment when they received a cozy gift from their grandparents.
But there's more to her life than being a twin and a pageant queen; Kelsey works as a professional clothier at Tom James, per her LinkedIn. And according to their website, that means she meets with clients to help them decide on bespoke suits that the company sells. In her Bachelor bio, the 28-year-old also describes herself as being like an onion, because she has a lot of layers. (Hey, that sounds familiar.)
Kelsey's journey with Peter is just kicking off on the show, but it's clear that no matter how it turned out, she had plenty of love back home in Des Moines waiting for her.
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