Victoria Fuller’s Country Singer Ex Was Also Frustrated With His Bachelor Surprise

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Warning: Spoilers for episode 4 of The Bachelor are ahead.
Four weeks into The Bachelor and things are already pretty dramatic — but a one-on-one date between Peter and Victoria F. in episode 4 is stirring things up all over again. On Monday night's episode, Victoria revealed she has a past with a singer named Chase who made appearance on the show… and Peter had no idea. So who is Chase Rice on The Bachelor? Fans may have heard of him, and Victoria definitely has. 
On the promo for the episode that aired last week, the clips of this moment were very short, but they were enough to hint that this was going to be a tough one-on-one to watch. On their date, Peter surprised Victoria with a special concert, as Bachelor leads are wont to do, and it became clear very quickly that she and singer Rice have met before. As she told Peter, she and the singer used to date, and there was crying involved as she shared the story behind it — and the episode itself lived up to the drama the promo promised.
But who is this Chase character? Bachelor fans who also happen to also be country fans have probably already heard of him. Rice's most recent hits include “Lonely If You Are” and “Eyes On You,” and being that The Bachelor loves their country artists, it’s no surprise that he ended up performing for a date. What is surprising, though, is the fact that he and Victoria — the woman who ended up on the date — used to be a thing. What are the chances? Maybe we should ask the Bachelor producers...
Before the episode aired, Chase admitted in an interview with a radio show called Fitz In The Morning that he was "really pissed off" that the show caused him to get involved in the drama instead of simply promoting his music — although he did say his time with Victoria was limited to a night in Charlotte, and he thought they left things on good terms.
“She’s a cool chick, from what I know of her. I got no problem with her, I got no problem with him," he said. "I knew she was going on the show. I was still pretty surprised. I told my manager and publicist and they were like, ‘Don’t worry about that, they’re not going to do that to you.'”
And now that we've seen the episode, it's easy to confirm that it was, in fact, exactly what they were going to do. Victoria was understandably shaken, a moment followed by her choice to confront Rice. The moment revealed that Victoria considers Rice as ex, and that she says he asked her not to come on the show. Some people even think the song Rice performed might be about Victoria. After that, Victoria had no choice but to tell Peter about her connection to Rise, and as soon as she got the truth out, she ended up leaving dinner in tears. Luckily for Victoria, as far as Peter was concerned, he was just glad that she was being honest with him and they decided to laugh at the coincidence. In the end, he gave her the date rose.
This isn’t the first time Victoria’s making waves in the Bach universe, though. Since before the show premiered, Victoria’s been accused of doing some pretty not nice things… although she’s maintained that the rumors about her are incorrect. But from her statement, which she posted to Instagram, it seems possible this is something the show will tackle later this season. 
Safe to say that Peter probably didn’t expect a weird ex love triangle situation to materialize during one of his one-on-one dates ("Chase the singer?" isn't the phrase of a man who expected any of this). Then again, he’s been thrown more than a few curveballs this season, and he keeps rolling with it. 
Update: This story was originally published on January 20. It has been updated to reflect new information revealed on The Bachelor.
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