The Bachelor’s Madison Is Trying To Emulate Her Parents’ Marriage

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Ever since the very beginning of the season, Madison Prewett's story on The Bachelor has been all about family. From her intro package, to meeting Peter Weber's parents during her first one-on-one, to opening up about her family's faith, the connection Madison has to her parents has been clear. And now, viewers are going to get to know even more about them during her hometown date in Auburn, Alabama.
Madison's parents are Tonya and Chad Prewett, and a look at their relationship really gives you gan understanding about where Madison is coming from in her hopes for her own future family. Madison explained on her most recent one-on-one date with Peter that her Christian religion is at the center of her life and that she wants to marry a man who feels the same way. She also said that her dad leads their family in their faith and that she wants the same for her family.
Well, Chad and Tonya have been together for 29 years and got married when they were 18. They say their shared faith is what makes it work.
"People didn't believe a marriage that started that young would last. It did. It hasn't always been easy, but it has certainly been worth it," Madison's mom wrote about getting married young in a 2018 Instagram post. "Our waiter at dinner last night asked how many years we had been married. We said 28!! He said 'Wow, what's the SECRET?' Chad said, 'Keep God in the center of your relationship.' He thought for a minute and then said, 'That's not a secret to keep.'" As you can see, this lines up exactly with what 23-year-old Madison explained to Peter.
Aside from their relationship, we also know that Madison's dad is the Director of Operations for Auburn University's men's basketball team. Chad's coaching career was mentioned during Madison's intro package on the first episode of the season. In addition to it showing them hanging out at Auburn, she explained that she won four state championships on her high school basketball team, which was coached by her father.
Aside from her mom and dad, viewers will probably meet Madison's two sisters, Mary and Mallory, who you won't be surprised to hear she is also very close with. (I mean, just look at them. They're "forever galentines.") Overall, this is one tight knit "Prew Crew," as they call themselves. Now, they just have to see if Peter fits in.
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