The Bachelor Had To Up Their Condom Game For Peter Weber

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Chris Harrison wants everyone to know just how safe Peter Weber is being on this season of The Bachelor.  
Fresh off the premiere of Weber's season, the Bachelor franchise host stopped by Entertainment Tonight to spill some details about the Fantasy Suites. When asked just how many condoms producers provide, Harrison revealed that the show had to up their condom game just for Weber.
“Knowing what we had going in, we had to at least have half a dozen,” Harrison said. “We know four is on the table, so we have to be safer than that. We had to be safe with him.”
In case you didn’t know, “four” refers to the number of times Weber had sex in a windmill with Bachelorette Hannah Brown during Fantasy Suites week. Harrison also noted that multiple women brought condoms for Weber on night one, a sentiment that the Bachelor most likely appreciates given his obvious commitment to a healthy sex life. 
"I'm a very safe guy. I practice safety in everything I do," Weber said, referencing the condom Hannah had found in his car during his hometown date last season
And if for some reason Weber every runs out of condoms? 
“Sadly, also my job,” Harrison joked. A national hero, everyone.

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