Who’s Oh-So Dramatically Going Home Next Week On Bachelor in Paradise?

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When it comes to season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, anything goes: love triangles, love pentagons, breakups, make-ups, vengeful exes—you name it, they’ve got it. And based on the promo for episode 9 of Bachelor in Paradise, it sounds like another major plot twist is on the sandy horizon: someone unexpected leaves Paradise.
But who could this mystery Paradise resident be? Given the explosiveness of this week’s episode — Dean Unglert sent himself home, John Paul Jones confronted Derek Peth at Krystal Nielsen and Chris Randone's wedding, and Clay Harbour came face-to-face with his ex, Angela Amezcua, for starters — it’s really anyone’s guess which one of our rosey beach lovers will be sent (will send themselves?) packing. All the same, here's who's likeliest to depart Paradise next.

Clay Harbour

Clay had a rough week on Paradise given that he was forced to reunite with his recent ex, Angela, for the first time since their split, and at a wedding of all places. The NFL player broke up with Angela just weeks before heading down to Sayulita, Mexico, and judging by their conversation at Chris and Krystal’s wedding, it was not an easy, or clean, split. Clay’s been swappin’ spit with Nicole and the two seem to have found a good rhythm together, so the fact that Angela is the newest addition on the beach as of this week's cliffhanger does not bode well for our soft-spoken athlete.
It’s highly possible that Clay will send himself packing rather than have to deal with the very real and raw emotions of his breakup with Angela on camera because, let’s face it, Clay’s a classy guy like that. Remember how he sidestepped all that aggro alpha male nonsense that got Jordan and Christian thrown off the show a few weeks back? It’s very possible he’ll do the same to avoid all the claw marks that Angela and Nicole will likely throw down.

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones had quite the week in Paradise as well, losing his temper at Derek during the cocktail reception hour at Chris and Krystal’s wedding. He all but shouted Derek down and accused him of being an opportunistic “frat boy” out to hock his podcast, and it was definitely a new — and not all that flattering — look for JPJ. This week’s previews hints that Derek might get his “revenge” on JPJ, and though it’s super unclear what that might mean, it’s entirely possible that John Paul Jones, angry and frustrated at letting his dream girl slip through his fingers, might excuse himself from Paradise with one last “Appreciate it” to Chris Harrison.
The fact that he’s seen crying a whole lot in the previews for next week’s episodes also seems to point to the fact that JPJ, perhaps much like his would-be romantic interest from episode 7, Tahzjuan Hawkins, is not in a good mental space to be on the show any longer.

Derek Peth

Similarly, Derek’s been through a lot already on Paradise, given that his initial pursuit of Demi came to a full stop after she decided to invite Kristian onto the show and give their pre-Paradise relationship a real go. He was super mature about the entire situation, and genuinely seems to want the best for Demi, but all said and told, his options in Paradise are dwindling as folks couple off. This week, he’s expressed interest in Tayshia, and she in him, much to the frustration of JPJ, but it’s also possible that dude just needs some time to cool off and recalibrate away from the emotional shenanigans that is Bachelor in Paradise.
Which could, in the end, work in his favor, especially since Bachelor Nation seems to be pretty excited at the prospect of Derek becoming the next Bachelor. (Sorry, Mike Johnson!).

Tayshia Adams

Tayshia is a woman of class, and the fact that she’s caught between two men who are pursuing her is not much of a surprise. What is also not much of a surprise is how much she’s taking these relationships to heart, and trying to be as communicative and transparent as possible — like when she told John Paul Jones that he should feel free to go on dates with other women (and like when she actually seemed happy for him having great dates with Tahzjuan and Haley Ferguson, as opposed to, say, Katie Morton, who was not so happy when Chris Bukowski had a great date with Jen Saviano).
This to say that the John Paul Jones vs. Derek drama may just prove to be too much for Tayshia, who’s not trying to get into the middle of any unnecessary drama (though, to be honest, how does one go on a show like Bachelor in Paradise and expect to exit unscathed?). She might just, in the end, leave out of annoyance at the incessant name-calling and boyish fighting.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes

What a whirlwind of a week for Caelynn: celebrate a birthday, get a rose, get dumped by the very guy who gave her said rose, meet a new dude, go on a date, feel smitten. Caelynn’s had one heckuva journey on Paradise so far this season, having to first deal with the bullshit of Blake Horstmann’s drama and then attempting to strike up a long-term relationship with Dean, who is notoriously the last person one should ever attempt to strike up a long-term relationship with. Now she’s got a thing going on with Connor Saeli from Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season, which seems sweet enough, but let’s be honest, luck has not been on Caelynn’s side in the love department so far.
Maybe this is a long shot, but if things with Connor don’t work out, it’s entirely possible that Caelynn, emotionally drained from the antics of one too many fuckboys, will just decide to throw the towel in and call it quits, opting to find love elsewhere — another music fest, a dating app, literally, anywhere else but this hellishly exhausting place called Paradise.
It should also be noted that Dean coming back would have happened literal days after he initially dumped her (Paradise happens over the course of three weeks even though it airs for a month and a half). That leaves another possibility: Caelynn leaves with Dean, to learn what life in a van is really like.

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