Today Is 2019's Best Day For Love, So Ask Your Crush Out Now

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If you have a crush, there’s no better day than today to ask them out. Why? Because according to astrology, it's a Venus Star Point and the best day of the year for love and money, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust.
A Venus Star Point occurs when the Sun and Venus connect in the same sign. This time, they meet in Leo for the first time since 2015. Today, we’re completing the narrative that began four years ago.
“Let’s go back in time to August 2015," says Stardust. Imagine it: President Obama is still in office, "Hotline Bling" is the song of the summer, One Direction is still together, and people are freaking out about the future of TV because the Mad Men finale just aired. Yes, summer 2015 was a simpler time.
"During that time period, we started a dream around where heart’s desires,” says Stardust. “When the Sun and Venus connected in Leo in 2015, we initiated the spark around what we want and what our visions are.”
Think of the time since then as a buildup to today. “For the past four years, we’ve been working with the inspiration from August 2015, trying to put the dream into reality,” she says. Now, that time has come.
That means that today is the day to take action — particularly when it comes to romance. “On August 14th, the time has come when we can put our relationship needs and wants into play,” Stardust says. “Make decisions around love and matters of the heart.”
Feeling nervous? Today’s a good day to psych yourself up. “Our confidence will be high as we finish this four-year journey that has awakened our souls to pursue our truth,” Stardust explains.
Although Venus is best known for its association with love, the second planet from the sun also rules our finances. So today, “financial planning and money matters will be at a high, as this is an optimal day to invest money,” Stardust says.
Altogether, today’s star point “will ignite an eight-year love story around money, relationships, and ego,” she says. “We will be confident and assured as the Sun and Venus link up.” So go ahead — harness some of that Leo season energy and ask your crush out.

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