Leo Season Brings Us Energy, Passion, & Self-Expression

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Leo season is almost here! From July 23rd to August 23rd, the sun will be in the sign of the Lion. While Leo sun signs celebrate their birthdays during this transit, Leo’s energy will affect us all.
“Every year, when the sun moves from the constellation of Cancer to the constellation of Leo, there’s a big shift in energy due to the sun entering one of its favorite signs to be in,” explains Narayana Montúfar, Senior Astrologer for and “When in this fixed fire sign, the sun in Leo brings joy, energy, passion, and self-expression. No matter our sign, for the next four weeks we are being called to channel our creativity into our endeavors as we boldly pursue our desires.”
Leos are known for being outgoing, confident, and magnetic — they’ve even been called “the bold A-listers of the Zodiac.” (Just look to famous Leo Jennifer Lopez as a example.) While Leo season is a time for all of us to celebrate begin in the spotlight, there are a few potential pitfalls, too. “With so much Leo energy in the sky, the negative things to look out for would be drama, emotional outbursts or childish and egotistical behaviors in the case that some can’t handle so much fiery energy,” Montúfar says.
The sun joins Mars and Venus in the sign of the Lion, and all three planets will affect our summer. “This year, we experience Leo season in its full splendor as we also receive the influence of other planets in the same sign — action-driven Mars and pleasure-seeking Venus,” explains Montúfar. “When these legendary cosmic lovers meet in Leo pretty close to the beams of the sun, we can expect to feel a surge of sexual drive and desire, especially around the new moon in Leo, which will add an emotional connection to the mix as it rises in the sky on July 31.”
The new moon will also "bring surprises around love and money into focus— so, keep an eye on finances and Tinder matches (as we may find we already know our match or we have met an amazing person out of the blue),” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust.
She adds, “Rebellious Uranus offsets Leo season for the first week, adding a plot twist or unexpected events to arise. Be prepared to feel the impetuous and impulsive cosmic energy the first week of Leo season, which will cause (you guessed it) D-R-A-M-A!” We will see “scandals brought to light” in early August, after Mercury (which is currently retrograde) goes direct and entered the “retro-shade” period.
Mercury enters Leo on August 11 and the “retro-shade” period ends on August 15h, under an Aquarius full moon. “The 15th is also a MAJOR cosmic day because we will experience a Venus Star Point, when the Sun and Venus connect, taking us back to August 15, 2015 when we started the vision of love and self,” Stardust adds. “This is the second piece to that puzzle, where our dreams take flight.”
All in all, Stardust says, “Leo season 2019 is about understanding our worth and standing up for what we LOVE the most — which turns out, is OURSELVES!”

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