Uranus Is About To Go Retrograde, So Get Ready For Breakups & Shakeups

Photographed by Kara Birnbaum.
Just when Mercury retro-shade is almost over, another planet is about to go retrograde. This time, it’s Uranus. The seventh planet from the sun will appear to move backwards in its orbit from our perspective on Earth on August 11. Uranus will stay retrograde for five months, until January 10, 2020.
In astrology, Uranus is associated with change, community, and revolution. The planet influences how we approach personal development and planning for our future. When it goes retrograde, it can shake things up on a global level — and on a personal level, it can make us reassess our values, our independence, and our truths. Think of it as an inner revolution.
This time, Uranus is moving retrograde in Taurus, the sign of the Bull. “For the next five months, free spirit Uranus will be moving in retrograde motion in the sign of rigid Taurus. These two juxtaposing energies will clash in the cosmos, causing us to restructure existing commitments,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust.
That means we need to prepare for some introspection. “We will be forced to reassess our value system — both fiscally and in relationships. We are going to be judging which people we want to have in our lives and who we want to cut ties with,” Stardust says. “The same applies for investing money.”
The fact that Uranus is in Taurus — known for its frugality and sense of real value — means it’s a good time to take a look at our budgets (or make a budget). “We'll try to make a proper financial plan on who and what we give our money,” Stardust says. “We may even see if there’s a payback on a past investment. And if not, we are letting go of that fiscal arrangement.” She adds, “The stock market may crumble for a moment — only to build itself back up again.”
Of course, Uranus retrograde has the potential to affect our love lives, too — including our sex lives. “Sex will be kinky, but with a twist. We will try to rekindle old desires and mix them with new tricks,” Stardust says.
And just like Uranus retrograde will have us re-evaluating our financial plans, we’ll also be reassessing our relationships. “Breakups and shake ups will make us pause and decide if we want to continue the relationship or not,” Stardust says. If your current partner or close friend doesn’t spark joy, it may be time to move on.

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