These Are The Biggest Financial Health Mistakes You're Making

appearance by Anissa Richmond.
Beyond the more frivolous gifts we purchase ourselves as so-called acts of self-care, the very process of eating, drinking, and, well, existing can add up quickly. That’s why Refinery29’s Anissa Richmond — a self-diagnosed shopaholic — vowed to spend five days focusing on her financial health in the hope of reigning in her unconscious spending.
For some much-needed assistance in the money-saving realm, Anissa called in a financial advisor, who offered plenty of sage advice for each day of the challenge. To start, she recommended that Anissa budget her month’s money in cash and spread it out between envelopes. She also suggested embracing meal prep, purging stuffed wallets of old receipts and gift cards, and positioning banking apps front and center on cell phones, while tucking away the more time-sucking options (yes, that means social media).
Fortunately, some things weren't quite so strenuous — namely, her phone bill. That's because she has Visible — a plan that costs $40 a month, with unlimited data, messages, and minutes. Watch the video above to see how Anissa tackles everything else.

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