Venus Is Entering Taurus, Bringing Us Sensuality And Pleasure

Photographed by MEgan madden.
Venus, the planet of love and money, enters Taurus on May 15th — so get ready for sensuality and pleasure. Like Mercury, Venus is a fast-moving planet, and it enters a new sign every few weeks. This time around, Venus will transit Taurus through June 8th.
Taurus is associated with indulgence, pleasure, groundedness, and stubbornness, so it makes sense that Venus entering Taurus would signal some changes in our love lives. In fact, astrologer Lisa Stardust calls Taurus one of Venus’s "favorite placements."
"During this time, we will all begin to implement beauty, commitment, and resourcefulness into our everyday lives,” Stardust explains.
And this resourcefulness doesn’t mean boring practicality, but exciting creativity. “Under the influence of Taurus, Venus gets extra cheeky and creative,” Stardust says. Venus in Taurus is also a time for comfort and ease: “Take out the sweats and sit back and relax as Venus flirts her way into our hearts.”
But of course, there’s always a downside. “Venus can be a bit possessive in Taurus, desiring control over their conquests,” Stardust says. In Greek mythology, Zeus changed himself into a bull to capture his lover Europa — and this type of drama can surface during Venus in Taurus. “Venus in Taurus can bring control matters to a head,” Stardust says.
Although Venus is best known for its association with love, the planet is also linked to our need for money — and while Venus is in practical, frugal Taurus, you might find yourself paying some extra attention to your bank account. Not because you're broke — but because you want to make sure that you can afford to treat yourself. While Venus transits Taurus, Stardust says, “We can expect sensuality and pleasure to be heightened, as well as our need to make money in the material world.”