Uranus Moving Into Taurus Is Major — Here Are The Signs That Will Feel It The Hardest

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As of yesterday, Uranus is in Taurus, kicking off a seven-year period of material change and potential economic transitions. Everyone will feel this innovative planet's influence to some extent, as it's expected to affect us on a global, historical scale. But, in the same way that each sign experiences Mercury retrograde differently, some of us may be more attuned to Uranus' activity than others, says astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst.
In fact, she says, we can actually narrow it down to the four fixed signs of the Zodiac (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) that will be uniquely sensitive to this transit.
If you aren't familiar with the concept of fixed signs, they're the signs whose solar seasons occur in the middle of the yearly seasons: Taurus' occurs midway through spring, Leo arrives midsummer, Scorpio comes in the middle of fall, and Aquarius' season arrives in the midpoint of winter. They're known to have relatively reliable, steady personalities and love to get stuff done.
So, these four signs will be similarly tuned into the Uranian change of pace that set in yesterday, Dewhirst says. "Their most sensitive areas of life will be triggered," she explains, though which area that is, exactly, will be different for each of these signs.
Since Taurus is the sign that's hosting Uranus until 2025, people born under this sign will likely experience a period of personal revolution. Where the normal Taurean way is to take changes as they come, now Bulls may feel inspired to incite changes on their own and chase their goals with renewed vigor, writes Janelle Belgrave in her monthly horoscope for Refinery29. Prepare to see a bolder side of your Taurus friends starting today — Dewhirst says makeovers, dye jobs, and new hobbies won't be uncommon. "Their [sense of] purpose is being lit up by the planet of invention," she adds.
Leos may feel a similar pull toward reinvention, but in the career sector of their lives. Dewhirst says there's a chance they'll discover new professional pursuits online, particularly ones with an altruistic or activist slant. If these positions allow Leos to use their voices (roars?) to incite change and break new ground in preexisting industries, all the better. Actually, the more we think about it, the more this seems like a task uniquely fit for Leos to face.
Meanwhile, mysterious Scorpios could experience radical changes to their relationships in the next few years. And when we say "radical," we mean it — Dewhirst says some Scorps will see their love lives do a complete 180. Belgrave writes that this major shift could begin with a period of instability, but trust that the dust will settle eventually.
Finally, Aquarians will feel this planetary shift in their house of home and family, Dewhirst says. They may realize their "family" is actually a chosen group of friends or that it's time to move homes to be closer to their aging parents. She adds that some Aquarians may even feel compelled to make choices that will secure their family's legacy during this period.
But it isn't just Aquarius' fixed quality that has placed a target on its back. Aquarians, Dewhirst explains, are always especially aware of Uranus' effects on their lives, since it's their ruling planet. They spend their whole lives feeling Uranus' mad scientist influence much more clearly than the rest of us, and that will remain the case as Uranus makes its latest move today. There's no getting around it — Water Bearers will feel Uranus moving from Aries to Taurus on a cosmic and personal level.
For the rest of the fixed signs, they're definitely in for a very, er, special seven years, but this period won't be as intense as a Saturn return or another highly personal planetary transit. So, if there's one thing we can all do while Uranus is in Taurus, it's this: "Be gentle on your Aquarius friends," Dewhirst says.

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