How To Work Out If You Just Quit Equinox & SoulCycle

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
Hear that? It's the sound of Equinox members and SoulCycle aficionados around the country canceling their memberships and class reservations. On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that Stephen Ross, chairman and founder of Related Companies, the parent company that owns Equinox Fitness Clubs and SoulCycle, is hosting a weekend fundraising event for Donald Trump’s reelection in the Hamptons.
Ross is a longtime friend and supporter of Trump. Both Equinox and SoulCycle have issued statements saying that they don't endorse the political fundraising event, and insisting that Ross is a "passive investor and is not involved in the management" of the workout companies. But many members took this statement at face value; after all, his earnings from Equinox and SoulCycle will undoubtedly aid in Trump's campaign. On social media, outspoken and high-profile members announced their plans to boycott both places, as well as cancel their memberships.
If you're part of this group, you might be looking for new ways to sweat out some of your newfound rage and continue your fitness routines seamlessly. Here are some ideas:

Support a local gym.

While you search for a new gym chain to join, and research who the owners are and what their politics are, why not find a locally-owned gym or boutique workout to support? Better yet, if there's a gym owner whose politics align with yours, you'd probably feel better putting your dollars toward their business. Often gyms will let you try the first class or session for free if you're a new customer, so don't be afraid to inquire.

Download a workout app.

There are tons of workout apps available for smartphones that allow you to replicate your favorite class or gym experience in your own home. Whether you're into bodyweight HIIT, running, or yoga, there's an app for you. Most are free to download and use, and the workouts require no equipment.

Follow a YouTube workout video.

If downloading an app and figuring out how to make it work is too much of a commitment for you, we get it. Head to YouTube, where there are endless workout videos that you can do for free. We recommend the HIIT strength-training ones, and the dance cardio videos. While you might not have the same Equinox or SoulCycle amenities in your living room, you do have the freedom and privacy to wiggle or sweat without judgment.

Start a workout challenge.

Need some incentive to work out on your own? Just saying, we have tons of 30-day workout challenges with helpful GIFs and instructions for you to take advantage of now. Take a gander, there are a lot of workout styles and categories to try.

Go outside.

Let's not forget that the great outdoors is essentially a free gym waiting for you. Go for a hike with a friend, take your dog on a run, rent a bike, or bring your yoga mat to the park for some al fresco flows. Even power walking while listening to your favorite political podcast is better than sitting inside and stewing.

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