Too Shook To Ride A Bike In NYC? These Are The Safety Tips You Need To Know

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
There's a reason why New Yorkers love indoor cycling workout classes: It feels much safer to spin your wheels on a stationary bike than to try to brave the streets on a real bike. But the thing is, the subway is a sauna right now, and it's often too hot to run, so you may want to pick up biking for exercise and transportation.
Biking is easy on your joints, so it's a lot easier to pick up than running, and it's a great cardiovascular workout, says Steve Taylor, communications manager for the League of American Bicyclists. "For the amount of effort you put in, and how fast you can go, it's the most efficient form of transportation on earth," he says. And biking can also be good for your mental health, because it allows you to be outside and get a break from your otherwise heinous commute.
That said, biking as a beginner can be stressful, especially in a place like NYC. Some neighborhoods, avenues, or areas are a lot safer for bicyclists than others, so your experience can vary a lot. But if you're determined to pick up the sport, ahead are the safety tips Taylor says you should know.

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