Demi Lovato & Mike Johnson Missed Cupid's Arrow At The Bachelorette Finale

Photo: John Fleenor/Getty Images.
Even celebrities are members of Bachelor Nation, and Demi Lovato is no exception. By virtue of simply being who she is, Lovato was able to score a coveted seat at the excruciatingly painful Bachelorette live finale. And like the entire internet, Lovato is smitten with beloved former cast member Mike Johnson — but she’ll need to pine from afar like the common folk, after missing a chance to meet Johnson face-to-face.
Lovato has been flirting with Johnson all over social media. After getting eliminated, John posted a touching message to his “future wife” on Twitter, to which Lovato responded, “I’M RIGHT HERE, MIKE, I’M RIGHT HERE, BOO, MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU TOO,” which is the correct answer. Lovato also wrote that she “accepts his rose” on an Instagram story, alongside a photo of Johnson’s megawatt smile on her TV screen. The thirst is real, the fans are shipping, and Lovato couldn’t have picked a better Bachelorette suitor to make eye babies with. Lovato’s attendance at the finale would have been the perfect chance to make this love connection happen. Alas, Cupid’s arrow didn’t hit this target.
Rob Mills, the senior vice president of reality and alternative programming at ABC, realized their team dropped the ball on this one. He told E! News, “That was a missed opportunity for us with not having Mike there. I think Demi Lovato [attending the finale] was sort of an 18th-hour thing, but still, we should've had Mike there.” He also said that Lovato “actually sat in the audience and was really getting into it the same way the rest of the audience was.” In other words, cheering on Hannah Brown as she slipped off that Neil Lane engagement ring.
If Lovato and Johnson don’t become a thing, that could mean he’s still available to become the first black Bachelor. And hey, if Lovato is still single, she could pack a million pairs of fake eyelashes and hop into the limo, serenading Johnson as he greets his new girlfriends outside the Bachelor mansion. She would definitely be there for the right reasons.

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