The Super Black New Moon In Leo Is A Time To Hit Reset

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Mercury retrograde is finally over, and while we still have the drama of Mercury "retro-shade" to deal with, it’s time for a new start. Tonight, the super black new moon in Leo will rise in the sky.
What exactly is a super black new moon? You might have heard of a blue moon — the term for the rare second full moon in a month. A black moon is the exact opposite — the rare second new moon in a month. All new moons are a time for reflection and new beginnings, but a black full moon is especially so. As for a super moon, it’s a moon that appears larger than usual — though, like all new moons, the super black new moon will be nearly invisible from Earth.
“I feel like black moons are such a wonderfully powerful time to hit reset and this one, in particular, is going to be powerful because it falls on the same day that Mercury will be stationing direct after three weeks in retrograde,” explains T.C. Stewart, founder of The Witch Of Lupine Hollow.
Tonight, Mercury finally stations direct in Cancer while the new moon rises in Leo. “This synchronicity is going to be so powerful for helping us re-learn the ways we express our creativity and the ways in which we communicate our need to be seen and heard in relationships, at work and even within ourselves,” Stewart says. “Leo is all about owning your sovereign creative spark and with this new moon and Mercury retrograde coinciding, it's going to be a beautiful time for self-expression.”
Astrologer Lisa Stardust says that the super black new moon will shed light on the truth. “The super black moon aims to bring shakeups and breakdowns to that which isn’t serving our highest good,” she says. “We will be cosmically pushed to see the truth of all situations and relationships — which may make us want to start fresh somewhere else.”
This is also a time to embrace self-love. “We are honestly evaluating all matters of the heart and seeing where we are most loved. What we will come to find is that no one can and will love us more than ourselves,” Stardust explains. “We are what matters most. After all, the most intense and exhilarating relationship is the one we have with ourselves. The one we value the most. It’s time to let go of those who don’t respect us and stand strong in our power. “

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