If You Missed The Super Blood Moon Eclipse, Instagram Has You Covered

Was that super moon eclipse too super hyped? It totally depends on where and when you witnessed it. Alerted by dozens of articles and social media posts, armed with phones (and some actual cameras), it seemed like everyone in every continent except Asia, Australia, and Antarctica was watching for this event that only happens about once every 32 years.
Whether you believe it's a sign of the apocalypse or (probably) not, we all did our best to witness the moon at its closest point to Earth, bathed in shadow and turning (cue spooky music) bloooooood red. Even with clouds in the way on the East Coast of the United States, the limitations of phone cameras, and all the light pollution of city streets, spontaneous amateur astronomers attempted to capture it all and post it to Instagram.

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Sometimes the results were silly ("blood moon" puns abounded). Sometimes they were clearly just photos grabbed from news stories about previous eclipses and faked in the moment. And, other times, they were breathtaking. Scroll down for some more of our favorites.

Lunar Eclipse right now! Go outside!!!! #lunareclipse

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| XXVII. IX. MMXV | ? ? by me. #redmoon #bloodmoon #nikon_photography_

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#supermoon #redmoon #moon #bloodymoon #pale #instaconce

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Make sure to check out the #SuperBloodMoon lunar eclipse tonight! (Image via telescope.com)

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Moonrise #sandiego #skyline #city #landscape #lunareclipse #redmoon #supermoon #california #photography

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