What It Means When The New Moon Is In Your Sign

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Next Tuesday, May 15, the skies will go dark with the arrival of the new moon, the lunar phase in which the moon loses all illumination and seemingly disappears in the night sky. As the moon turns away from us, we're encouraged to turn inward and reflect on our lives, goals, and relationships. Looked at one way, the new moon is all about you — so when it occurs in your sign, is that a cause for celebration?
The answer, as answers tend to be in the realm of astrology, is complicated. On one hand, yes, the new moon is an opportunity to slow down and get in touch with yourself — and who couldn't use a little more me-time? On the other hand, new moons can be challenging and require us to face (then, ultimately, accept) difficult truths about ourselves.
So, even if your sign is the happy host of this quiet, pensive lunar phase, you could still be up against some major personal work. Such is the nature of the new moon, regardless of the sign it's in: Its influence may seem simple and subtle on the surface, but it's actually affecting great change in the currents below.
Read on to learn how each sign affects the new moon's pensive energy, and to find out when new moon will arrive in your sign next (dates are in EST, according to NASA and astrologer Annie Heese's ephemerides).

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