Do You Need To Care About The New Moon?

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This Sunday, February 26, will see the monthly new moon grace the heavens at 10 a.m. EST. As we've previously discussed, the new moon is a little different from the full moon — and not just because it's a totally different phase in the moon's cycle. Where each month's full moon has specific symbols and energies associated with it, the new moon's spiritual meaning remains the same each month. So, while the full moon speaks to the moment at hand, the new moon is a reminder of what remains constant from month to month. And we'd argue that that is just as significant.
When the moon is considered "new," that means it's invisible to the naked eye — and it only becomes visible again as a very thin crescent, usually a couple days after it disappears from view. Since this moment in the moon's cycle appears to mimic death and rebirth, the new moon is often taken as a sign of new beginnings. That's why new moon rituals in nature-based faiths involve cleansing, reflecting on personal growth, and other practices that are equivalent to hitting the spiritual "reset" button.
Astrologically speaking, the moon rules our inner selves and our emotions. So, even if nothing is changing in your life, you might feel different when the new moon rolls around anyway. Astrologers associate this phase with uncertainty and learning to sit with that feeling, rather than rushing from one thing to the next.
Simply put, each month's new moon is a fantastic time to prepare for things to come, and that could mean bracing yourself for a big change at work or accepting the fact that you don't know exactly what's coming next.
Of course, you might not feel compelled to prepare for anything, be it external or internal. If that's the case, it isn't the worst thing in the world to let the new moon pass you by. Think of it as another opportunity for reflection or to practice your moon magic (if you have a budding interest). But as we said before, there's always next month to give that cleansing ritual a try, if you aren't really feeling it right now.

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