What Does It Really Mean When The Full Moon Is In Your Sign?

Photo: Getty Images.
In preparation for the upcoming full moon in Libra, it's time to take a step back and ask, "What does that actually mean?" Understanding the significance of the full moon's placement in each of the signs of the Zodiac can add a whole new layer to how you celebrate this lunar event.
Spiritually speaking, the full moon takes preexisting feelings or energies and puts them in bold. For example, the February full moon encourages us to think about the changing seasons, while the November full moon calls for meditation on loss and gratitude. The full moon simply amplifies the feelings that are already thematic to that time of year.
By that same token, the traits that we associate with a specific sign will intensify when the full moon is aligned with it. As the moon orbits the Earth, it travels through each sign of the Zodiac, spending between two and three days in that sign. So, for example, if the moon reaches fullness while it's hanging out in Pisces, we may feel an increased sense of empathy. Oh, and did we mention that everyone, not just those who belong to that sign, will feel the sign's influence?
It's obviously exciting when the full moon is in your sign (it will feel like you and your signmates are in the spotlight). But, for every opportunity that comes with your sign's full moon, there's a potential challenge tagging along, too.
Ahead, we take a closer look at what to expect when the full moon is in each sign (all dates are based on when the moon will reach fullness in EST).