The Biggest Dating Problem You Have To Deal With, According To Your Sign

Photographed by Renell Medrano.
Dating is hard. We'd like to think we aren't making it any harder than it needs to be, but that probably isn't true. Try as we might to swipe, text, and flirt with grace, sometimes the tendency to self-sabotage proves too great to avoid (just ask this writer, who used to proudly tell potential partners about her penchant for reading fan fiction and staying in on the weekends to rewatch True Blood DVDs — yes, DVDs).
While no one is a textbook example of their Zodiac sign, it certainly can affect how we behave. In this case, your sign might be to blame for that self-sabotaging behavior we mentioned earlier. For the record, you can't blame your sign for being a total jerk to your partner, but for smaller quirks like feeling awkward around people who obviously like you or having a hard time giving your S.O. space, your sign might be the source.
Read on to find out what aspect of your sign might be interfering with your love life — and what you can do about it. If you look up your sign and don't think it fits your specific dating woes, check out your Venus sign, too, since this nearby planet rules your affections and romantic instincts (look yours up here).