The Perfect Sext For Every Sign

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Sexting can be very fun (and good for your relationship) once you're on a roll with your partner, swapping steamy message after steamy message, but initiating that kind of conversation can be difficult, to say the least. You may worry you'll say the wrong thing — or you might feel flat out awkward typing out dirty talk.
It sounds like a no-brainer, but choosing the right kind of sext to kick things off comes down to the person you're sexting in the first place. And, as we in the astrological community tend to agree, you can learn quite a bit about a person from their Zodiac sign.
Whether you're sexting a sultry Taurus or a less-is-more Scorpio, there is a perfect (and very sexy) message you can send to light their fire; you need only consult the stars. Ahead, discover the best type of sext to send to every sign of the Zodiac.
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Check your phone in 5.


Send them: A warning of an incoming nude.

Why it works: It isn't that Rams don't have a way with words — it's just that they tend to be rather, er, visual when it comes to what turns them on. The photo you follow up with can be subtle if you aren't ready to send to a full-on nude (even a bold Aries can appreciate the mere suggestion of skin).
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I want you to fall asleep inside me.


Send them: Something that's as intimate as it is sexy.

Why it works: Taureans are a sensitive bunch. They're attracted to partners who like to take their time in bed and keep the fun going all night long. A sext that alludes to how long (and lovingly) you want to keep them occupied is sure to get their attention.
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When was the last time you thought about me?


Send them: An open-ended question at an unlikely time.

Why it works: Geminis are more comfortable when they're playing the role of the interrogator, so leading with a question will catch them off guard in the best way. Twins do nearly everything off-script, so fielding sexy queries on the fly will come naturally for them.
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Tell me more.


Send them: Something that coaxes them out of their shell.

Why it works: This guarded sign might not seem like the sexting type — and most Crabs will prefer it if you take the lead — but with the right proper encouragement, your Cancer partner can sext with the best of them.
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I'm soaked just thinking about you.


Send them: Something direct — and complimentary.

Why it works: Leos are suckers for a little ego-stroking and what is sexting if not precisely that? Don't feel like you need to beat around the bush when corresponding with this sign. If you let them in on exactly what's going through your mind, they're sure to respond in kind.
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I'm going to make you come so hard.


Send them: A blatant brag.

Why it works: Virgos spend all day taking care of things. Gripe as they might, they love to relinquish control — as long as they're sure they're handing the reins over to someone who knows what they're doing. Make it clear up front that you've got what they're looking for and they'll be putty in your hands.
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I can't wait for you to come...home ;)


Send them: Something punny.

Why it works: Libras can be shameless flirts. In other words, they've heard and read every trick in the book, so you might as well try to make them laugh with some sultry (and silly) wordplay.
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Need you here...


Send them: A message of longing.

Why it works: Scorps have serious lone wolf tendencies, so boasting about satisfying their needs won't cut it. Rather, the hottest sext they can receive is one that makes it perfectly clear that you need them to make your night complete.
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I need you ready and on your knees when I get home.


Send them: Something graphic.

Why it works: Archers are up for anything, so why not let them know exactly what they should be ready for? This adventurous sign loves a rush, so opening a sext that goes into great detail should deliver the perfect thrill.
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Ready to beg?


Send them: A hint that the hookup might not happen.

Why it works: As stubborn as their symbol, the Goat, suggests, this sign can be a little proud, but their tenacious streak won't permit them to let anything go. A little teasing is sure to pique their interest and, although they might not admit it, make them want you even more.
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What would you do to me if you were right here, right now?


Send them: Something that puts them in the driver's seat.

Why it works: Water Bearers are by no means the most controlling sign of the Zodiac, but their inventive tendencies make them natural (if somewhat offbeat) leaders. Make it clear that you want them to guide the conversation, and there's no way of knowing where you'll end up — besides in bed, that is.
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What's your fantasy?


Send them: A flight of fancy.

Why it works: Engaging a Pisces' imagination is the quickest way into their heart and, possibly, their bed. Showing that you're open to making their sexiest dreams come true will make this sign feel much more comfortable getting into a full-blown sexting session with you.

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