Luke P.'s Family Slams The Bachelorette's "Agenda" Against Him

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/John Fleenor.
After somehow making it to the final four on The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown finally sent Luke P. home. From his slut-shaming comments and cocky persona to his constant gaslighting, saying his behavior this season has been problematic would be an understatement. Now, Luke’s brother, Mike Parker, says viewers saw a “fictitious character created by ABC” and not the real him.
Mike spoke with Fox News’ Todd Starnes about how Luke was portrayed on the series, saying he believes Luke was “attacked” because of his “bold stance for his faith.”
“He’s been a man of faith on that show, and I believe all season long they’ve pinned those names on him, they’ve pinned those labels, because of his stance for his faith,” Mike told Fox News. Those names and labels Mike is referring to include “evil,” “pathological liar,” and “narcissistic.”
Mike continued on to say that on The Bachelorette’s upcoming “Men Tell All” episode, Luke will be ambushed and that ABC has had an “agenda” all season long. He alleges that the network manipulated conversations and interactions involving Luke and will further heighten the drama during the “Men Tell All,” where Hannah will allegedly call Luke the “embodiment of toxic masculinity.”
That last part wouldn’t be a stretch given how Hannah’s final interaction with Luke on the show went. And if he’s still on his high horse about Hannah’s sex life, she’d be well within her bounds to lay into him all over again.
Still, Mike believes all of the drama was unnecessary and reportedly told Fox that Luke only wanted to use The Bachelorette as a platform to share his faith with the nation.
“[What viewers saw] that’s the Luke P. character that ABC created. That is not Luke Parker, my brother,” Mike said.
This isn’t the first time, Luke’s family has spoken up about his reputation on the show. "We know his character...even though Luke might get put in a tough light or whatever, he's got tons of friends and family that are going to surround him," Mike said previously to Forsyth County News.

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