This Is What Luke Actually Said To Hannah On The Bachelorette

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Warning: This article contains major Bachelorette spoilers.
The day has finally come, Luke was eliminated on The Bachelorette. In the long awaited goodbye scene during Fantasy Suites week, fans finally learned just why Hannah was so mad at Luke in all those promos the show kept running. Luke's feelings toward sex (and how Hannah shouldn't be having it, in his backwards opinion) instigated her frustration, but there was much so more to it than just that. And the cherry on top? When Luke asked to "pray over" Hannah as she was trying to send him home.
As we've known for weeks, the whole argument began when Luke misguidedly believed that Hannah felt the same way about sex that he did. He's been practicing abstinence until marriage after a literal come-to-Jesus moment in college. Hannah, however, had just had sex with Peter in a windmill as is her right as a consenting adult looking for her husband. The fact that Luke just assumed Hannah felt the same way as him because they're both religious was super out of line. Hannah told him as much, saying she didn't agree with him about his views on sex before marriage. But Luke wouldn't just shut his mouth. He then tried to backpedal saying he would understand if Hannah had a "slip up" and that they'd work through it, but also not if she "slipped up" with all the men. The conversation went quickly downhill the more Luke spoke until Hannah had enough.
"The words that you’re saying are just really not okay," she told him, a look of frustration and bewilderment on her face. "I’ve prayed so much for clarity [about you] … I do not want you to be my husband." After coming to that realization (finally, finally!) she stood up to walk Luke out. But he, in classic Luke fashion, was not done digging his own grave.
He wanted to have some kind of last word or a chance to convince Hannah to let him stay and so he said... this: "I feel like you owe me at least a minute to share—" That's when Hannah truly lost her patience with him. Not only does Hannah not owe anyone anything, but she owes Luke the least of all because she's given him chance after chance after chance — even when everyone else in the house warned her not to. If anything, Luke owes Hannah for all the time of hers he wasted.
Hannah explained all this to Luke as he ushered him into his car, at which point Luke basically said, it's all well and great that you think you have clarity on who I am, but your clarity is wrong. If you've ever wondered what someone who's never been told "no" looks like, see Luke and everything he says in this moment.
Hannah, sick of having Luke not understanding anything she was saying, lost her patience so much that she said what she had to to get him to leave. She told him that she'd slept with another contestant already, so Luke better leave then. (The "I fucked in a windmill" comment! It finally happened!) Luke looked absolutely dumbfounded, but he did finally get in the car. But not before creeping out Hannah and everyone else in Bachelor Nation by asking Hannah, "Can I pray over you before I go?"
Hannah firmly said no, and Luke finally got in the car, which Hannah flipped off for good measure.
Chris Harrison is usually into hyperbole, but that may really have been the most dramatic elimination ever — if only because Luke said absolutely everything wrong, then doubled down on it, and then insinuated that Hannah needed to be prayed over for her windmill sex "sin." What a guy. Thank goodness Hannah finally sent him packing. He may try to come back, as the promo showed, but after that debacle, at least fans can take comfort in knowing that Hannah will probably send him right back home again. Maybe even with a double middle finger salute this time.

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