Luke P.'s Family Put Him On The Bachelorette & They're Ignoring His "Edit"

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Ed Herrera.
Bachelorette fans know they want Luke P. to leave the show, but have they ever considered how he got on there in the first place? It turns out that Luke P.'s family nominated him for The Bachelorette after he went through a breakup, according to the Gainesville Times.
Luke's sister-in-law Hannah Parker told the outlet, "I watch the show, so my husband and I were just sitting there and I was like, 'I’m going to apply Luke for the show and just see what happens.'" She didn't even tell Luke she had filled out the application until the producers called him wanting him for the show. They were integral to his being cast on the show, and Hannah Parker and her husband Mike Parker (Luke's brother) also adamantly defended the Luke they know when promos came out teasing his negative behavior on the show.
"We're excited to see how it plays out. Even though the latest promo was not that great, we are just hopeful that they're going to show who Luke really is," his sister-in-law told the Forsyth County News ahead of the Bachelorette season premiere. She added, "We're totally still excited to see him. The promo was kind of rough to watch, but we are still so excited because we know Luke."
Luke's brother Mike also told the Forsyth County News that he's keeping who he knows his brother to be in his mind when he watches. In fact the whole family has been sticking to the motto, "We don’t know the edit [he will get], but we know the man in Luke." Mike added, "We know his character ... even though Luke might get put in a tough light or whatever, he's got tons of friends and family that are going to surround him."
Even as most fans have turned on Luke, his family pledged ahead of the season that they would not. And they preemptively blamed the "edit" for his future behavior."They're going to over-dramatize things," Mike said of the show producers and editors. "They're going to make drama out of nothing and they're going to mislead in their promos and make things look one way when it's another. They're trying to amp up the story."
However, there is only so much editing that can be done. Everything Luke has said and done on the show were still choices he actually made. Dumping cold cuts on Garrett's lap, shaming Hannah for having sex, and repeatedly tattling on other contestants are all actions that he did, no matter how you slice the footage.
But even if Luke doesn't have supporters in Bachelor Nation — or even just in The Bachelorette cast — he certainly has them at home, which will likely make his hometown date that much more comforting. Family is a big thing for Luke. He even works for his family business Parker Warehouse, according to the Gainesville Times. His ABC bio says that it's an import/export company. And, he loves sharing photos of his fam on Instagram. Here he is hanging out with his mom and his Bachelorette nominators Mike and Hannah Parker.
When Hannah and Mike meet Bachelorette Hannah, it will be interesting to see what they think of the person they signed Luke up to date and whether or not Hannah will reveal any of Luke's dramatics from the show. (Do it. do it.) But no matter what they learn during Hometowns, it may not matter. His family is team Luke all the way.

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