Lucy Hale Has The Most Relatable Reason For Removing Her Tattoos

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It takes a special kind of person to walk into a tattoo parlor without wondering, Am I going to regret this one day? Just like any long-term relationship, most of us hope that the tattoo we're getting permanently etched into our skin will last forever, but that's not always the case. And if there's anyone who understands that right now, it's Lucy Hale.
When we caught up with Hale last week to discuss her latest collaboration with Propel, including the workout class she'll be leading at the brand's third annual Co:Labs Fitness Festival, we landed on the topic of her impressively large, albeit delicate, ink bank. Quickly, the actress confirmed that she is in the process of removing a few designs from her 14+ tattoo collection.
The Katy Keene star didn't identify exactly which tattoos she's erasing, but she did reveal that most of them are hidden on her ribs. Based on our count, she has at least five designs scattered in the aforementioned area, including two back tattoos of a sun and crescent moon that sit just below her shoulders. She also owns a few quote tattoos — "light," "courage, dear heart,” and "catch the foxes for us" — on her rib cage and under-boob area.
We may not know which design is getting the boot, but we do know why — and Hale's reasoning is so relatable. "It's not that I don't like them, it's just the style of them is so different now," Hale explains of the unidentified tattoos. "I got them when I was like 17. Things are different, times have changed. I love a lot of mine, it's just like [I] look back on some, and I'm like, What was I thinking?"
Hale may have changed her mind about some of her older designs, but she is still very much in love with some of her more recent artwork. Hale tells us that her newest tattoo — a Gemini constellation on her arm — is her current favorite, while the matching sister tattoo she got last summer is the most meaningful. The wrist tattoo she shares with her sister says, "I love you," in their grandmother's handwriting. When Hale revealed the new ink on her Instagram in July, she confirmed that this was one tattoo she'd been waiting years to get. In other words, she has no regrets.

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