23 Sister Tattoos That Are Anything But Basic

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Getting a matching tattoo with your sister basically solidifies all the bullshit you've gone through together. The fights. The tears. The late-night drunk texts begging her to just leave the leftover pizza on the counter for when you get home. But if you're willing to permanently ink your body alongside your best gal pal, you better make it good — right?
This doesn't have to mean cheesy quotes or intertwining hearts, of course. Whether it's a tribute to your favorite childhood memory, a nod to one of your many inside jokes, or a simple matching design, these sister tattoos — which you can check out, ahead — are just as timeless (and meaningful) as the friendship you've worked so hard to build.
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Getting a tattoo in your mother's handwriting isn't just a sweet gesture to share with your sis — it'll also make you immune to any negative reaction after she finds out you both got inked.
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There's no better people to hop on a tattoo trend bandwagon with than your sisters — and these tiny geometric designs are perfect for doing exactly that.
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These sister tats conquer two tattoo trends at once: colorful ink and detailed florals.
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Let your sister know you'll never forget the bond you share with a bouquet of forget-me-nots that will never wilt.
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Like flowers, a good relationship has to be nurtured to thrive. But at least your sister will always be there, even when you forget to text her back.
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Sisters can never have too many promises, solemnized by a pinky-sworn oath.
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An elephant never forgets — and neither does your sister. Just ask her about all those secrets she kept for you in high school...
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This is one friendship you know will last forever.
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Two halves of one perfectly pitted pair.
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Fingers crossed your sister lets you borrow her clothes even after you returned her last sweater with a hole in it.
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Who better to fight the patriarchy with than the woman you admire the most?
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We all need someone to hold our hands, especially when we're mid-tattoo.
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This one honors the fact that you both still want to be Hermione.
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Hard times are easier with a built-in BFF by your side. But just in case she's nowhere to be found, this calming mantra will do the trick.
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The Streicher sisters, the trio of beauty gurus behind Mandy Moore's red-carpet beauty and micro-feathering, just got this matching ink inspired by their studio, Striiike.
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"Nothing says sisterly bonding more than permanently tattooing your body," Lucy Hale wrote on Instagram of her new ink. "After years of wanting our grandmother's writing, we did it! Our Grammy was our favorite person [and] now she’s even more a part of us. Also, my sister is a badass who raises two kids, teaches combat classes and goes on tattoo runs with her baby sister. Also, ouch. This one hurt."
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Switch up the placements so your tattoos aren't identical, just to keep things interesting.
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If your mother dressed you two up as twins for picture day every year, the thought of matching tattoos might seem like a nightmare. Instead, go for two sentimental pieces you've both been dying to get together.
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Miss your childhood home? Get it inked forever with your lifelong bestie.
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Home is where the heart your sister is.
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You and your sister are Moon signs? Pay tribute to your rollercoaster emotions with a matching set of lunar tattoos.
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She might have stolen your clothes in middle school, but this design is one thing you won't mind sharing.
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When you're both alphas — and want everyone else to know it.
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