Chrissy Teigen May Have Just Low-Key Shaded Kim K. — With A Hamster Photo

Say Cheese!/GC Images.
As anyone who has ever had a cute pet rodent knows, they don’t usually have the longest lifespans.
But little Luna’s hamster is alive and well, according to a post by mama Chrissy Teigen. On Friday, Teigen shared a picture of Luna holding Peanut Butter, who joined the Teigen-Legend family in March. The hamster is looking nice and healthy and plenty rotund, albeit slightly terrified (hamsters aren’t the best at posing for photos).
When tweeting out the photo, Teigen may have also taken a lighthearted shot at her pal Kim Kardashian West, writing, “Still kickin!!”
For those of us who are still catching up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, here’s some quick background to fill in the blanks. Earlier this month, the show aired a storyline about a hamster Khloé Kardashian gave to her niece, North West, against Kim’s wishes. However, North fell in love with her little pet — which made it all the sadder when the hamster died.
To spare her daughter the heartbreak, Kim takes Khloé on a surprisingly difficult mission to find a secret replacement. Hijinks, of course, ensue, and Teigen probably couldn’t resist slyly bringing it up.
Teigen, by the way, is no stranger to hamster drama herself. When Peanut Butter first joined the family, she crowdsourced advice from her Twitter followers on everything from what to feed the hamster to how to pet the hamster and where it should live. Then, within the next 24 hours, Peanut Butter went missing, the family went berserk, and a panicked Teigen live-tweeted the entire thing.
The story has a happy ending, though: after using peanut butter (the food), flour, security cameras, and elaborate booby traps, Peanut Butter (the hamster) was recovered.
The little hamster has presumably been safe, sound, and “still kickin” ever since.

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