The Kardashians' Long History Of Random Pets

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Imagine having so many family pets that you can "remember almost every pet." As in, you can't remember all the pets that have come in and out of your home. Personally, I've had four dogs — and even that felt like a lot.
But since everything is over-the-top in the Kardashian household, leave it to them to have everything from a long-haired dachshund to fish to an actual peacock.
Kim Kardashian once decided to list the pets that she does remember on her now-defunct app. She featured a picture of the pet, its name, and a brief description.
Spoiler alert: there were literally 27 different pets on the list. The family is single-handedly keeping Calabasas pet stores in business.
North West's Fish
First up, we have the most low-maintenance of the bunch — North West's fish. Shoutout to the adorable unicorn. She also gave them some pretty creatives names: Sky, Zuma, Chase, Little Mermaid, and Shopkins.
Khloé's Peacock
Next up, we have Peter Pan, Khloé's peacock. Why did she buy a peacock? Who knows? Who cares? What's hilarious is that she left him at her previous home with the new owners, similar to what other normal people would do with an extra leather couch.
Kim's Kitten
Then, there's Mercy, the all-white kitten given to Kim by Kanye West when they started dating. Kim had to give it away because she's allergic. (It also apparently died from a cancer-like virus, but she didn't mention that in her post.)
Kendall's Great Dane
There's also Blu, Kendall's Great Dane. He "pooped everywhere."
Kylie's Bunny
And finally, we have my personal favorite — Bruce the bunny, who was recently adopted by Kylie.
That's quite a crew. The family does seem to have a better track record than Justin Bieber, who is infamous for his ecclectic pets.
This story has been updated with additional reporting.

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