Taylor Swift Says Her Rainbow Manicure Was Her Very First Clue

Taylor Swift has some of the most loyal fans in the game. Her Swifties, as they're called, are so faithful that when the ME! singer started dropping clues that she was working on a super secret seventh album, they began feverishly dissecting the pop star's every move, post, and temporary hair color for theories.
Knowing her fans and their collective thrill for the chase, Swift has been dropping clues aplenty for almost a year, including one tiny hint you might've missed from her "Delicate" video back in May of last year: her pastel rainbow manicure.
In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Swift explains how she's been building up to this moment, and how her fans surprised her by accurately decoding every single one of her hints — including the ones on her fingernails.
In the interview for her cover story, Swift admits that the first time she visually hinted at the new album was with her pastel nails in the vertical Spotify video for "Delicate," and some fans actually picked up on the super subtle hint. "A lot of their theories were actually correct," Swift told EW. "Those Easter eggs were just trying to establish that tone, which I foreshadowed ages ago in a Spotify vertical video for ‘Delicate’ by painting my nails those [pastel] colors."
For those who missed the fingernail-sized thematic clue, if you look back at the "Delicate" video — with eyes peeled for the manicure — you'll find that at exactly 2 minutes and 54 seconds into the song, there's a quick flash of Swift's nails towards the camera: a rainbow gradient of Easter-egg polish, a different pastel shade on each finger.
Considering Swift's more obvious visual clues, like her dip-dyed hair — first cotton-candy blue, then bright pink — the initial nail-art hint was an easy one to miss. And if you were one of the genius fans who caught on way back when, color us impressed.

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