Taylor Swift Dropped "7" Clues All Over Her Instagram & You Never Noticed

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Someone call Taylor Swift to reboot National Treasure, because the countdown to her April 26 surprise may be riddled with some insanely cryptic clues.
Earlier this month, Swift teased something brand new. First, the artist revamped her Instagram with a pastel, springtime aesthetic — a significant departure from the moody, black-and-white scheme that marked her Reputation days. When the countdown clock finally appeared on Swift’s Instagram story and her official website, it became clear: Swift is dropping something big on April 26, and immediately, fans suspected it could be her seventh album.
Swift has not said much about working on new music, but did ramp up her media appearances in recent weeks, writing an essay for Elle about her love of pop music and the 30 things she learned going into age 30. As Swift is all about the clues, number 26 on her list was about making countdowns for things that excite her. Now, fans think she used numbers to tease her seventh album in another big way — and it all circles back to that Instagram vibe.
Over several weeks, Swift has posted images to her Instagram that have nothing to do with one another outside of sharing a similar color scheme. There’s one photo of chickens wearing sunglasses, another of a bicycle, and a third of pink-and-purple tiles. Could these be stills from a music video? A dream board for a clothing line?
Some fans think it all comes back to the seventh album, because, get this: All the photos are seemingly of things that contain seven letters.
It’s not a perfect science, but fans broke it down pretty well.
It works with the most recent post, too — if you think the clue in this one is "flowers."
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Is it possible that this is all a coincidence? Absolutely. After all, it's not like the pictures are captioned with one specific, seven-letter word. ("Handbag" could also be "tote" or "purse," both of which don't have seven letters.) However, it's clear that fans are so itching for new clues, they'll dissect just about everything Swift throws at them, and will go so far as to count letters in order to do it...even if it makes them a little insane.
April 26 cannot come soon enough.

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