Taylor Swift Ruffled Her Fans' Feathers With This Picture Of Chickens In Sunglasses

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/2019 iHeartMedia.
Taylor Swift is keeping fans guessing with a recent post on Twitter and Instagram counting down to what many believe is the release date of her next album on April 26.
Guessing might not be the best word. Losing their minds might be more fitting. Seriously, how else are you supposed to respond to a photo of chickens wearing sunglasses? Yes, you read that right. More specifically, it’s an arrangement of four photos containing paintings of seven baby chicks wearing assorted sunglasses. If you’re completely lost, we’re right there with you. At this point, all our theories about her next album are out the window.
Fans didn’t know what to make of the photo swift posted on Saturday afternoon. The other photos in the countdown are aesthetically similar: pastel pink tulle ruffles, Swift’s cats perched on a plush sofa, a bright turquoise bike. All of these images are dreamy, delicate, and very Swift. But chicks? Fans responded in the only way they knew how: hilariously on Twitter.
One fan pointed out that there are seven chicks in the photo, which could be symbolic of the release of her seventh album. “I’ll be THAT person...7 chickens in the picture. ‘TS7 is coming,’” they tweeted. Honestly, that’s the most sense this photo has made since it was posted. Swift did also post the photo on Easter weekend. Perhaps she’s festively trolling her fans?
Whenever Taylor Swift posts a picture of an animal – that isn’t one of her cats, of course – fans don’t know what to make of it. For her 2017 album Reputation, Swift posted images of a snake that garnered a similarly perplexed response from Twitter.
We have a sneaking suspicion that chicks won’t play a larger role in the branding of whatever she is releasing on April 26, but who’s to say? Swift has proven we will never be able to fully predict what she has coming.

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