Kacey Musgraves Had A Coachella Fail That Will Only Make You Love Her More

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella.
We're all anticipating Ariana Grande's big Coachella moment on Sunday, but Kacey Musgraves also made her debut at the festival this weekend after years of playing the other Indio festival, Stagecoach. Performing songs from her Grammy Album of the Year winner Golden Hour during the actual California golden hour, Musgraves gently rocked the crowd and her fringe-covered orange dress, bringing the yeehaw lifestyle to Coachella. And, as it happens, Coachella may have been too into it.
Musgraves initiated a call-and-response with the crowd that she shared on Twitter, because if nothing else she knows a good meme (and joke) when she makes one. In the video, her track "Velvet Elvis" is playing and she asks the audience to give her a "haw" for every "yee." Is it possible to be too into something? Because these people were. She drops two yees and gets two haws back, then fakes everyone out on the third. Though she thrusts the mic their way, she doesn't yee — but does get a haw. "I didn't say fuckin' yee," she says and honestly, I haven't laughed this hard all weekend.
Is this just Texas humor? Do I only like it because I'm also a Texan? I hope not because I want everyone to have as big a laugh as I did.
It wasn't Musgraves' only power move in the set — she also brought out Baddie Winkle, the Instagram famous grandma and cultural icon who makes everything in life a little better.
It was an intimate Coachella show for Musgraves, rather than a headline slot, this year and perhaps because that's how she likes it. "From day one I've just wanted to be myself, and if that lends itself to having only 10 listeners versus 10,000, I'd rather have [the former], hands down," Musgraves told Refinery29.

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