Colton Underwood Isn't Alone. How To Prep For Losing Your Virginity

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
This season, the only thing Bachelor Nation has been anticipating more than Colton Underwood's fence jump is what will go down during the Fantasy Suite dates. For non-Bachelor fanatics, this is the first time that contestants get to hang out overnight and away from producers — and it's typically implied that they have sex. Underwood, who was open about being a virgin at the start of the journey, has repeatedly hinted in interviews that the Fantasy Suites were "pivotal" and "changed everything."
But even if you're not on a reality TV show about dating, the prospect of having sex for the first time can feel pivotal and life-changing. Part of that is due to the immense weight society puts on the antiquated concept of "losing your virginity." Beyond that, having sex for the first time can feel just plain intimidating.
Preparation is key to reducing some of the anxiety around first-time sex. That includes making sure you want to have sex at all, and discussing it with a partner whom you trust. Everyone has different definitions of what counts as "sex," but if you think you're ready to explore it, here are some crucial safety and logistical things to keep in mind — no "Fantasy Suite" required.

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