11 People Spill About Their First Time Having Sex

We're breaking down the stigma about sex — and losing your "virginity."

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Sex. Oftentimes it's fun and pleasurable, and yes, sometimes it's awkward. But losing your v-card? That’s a whole other story. It can be a little bit nerve-wracking and sometimes confusing for that very first time.
Still, losing your virginity is different for every person, unique to your own sexual experience and preference. And though the word can weigh heavily, it’s actually a made-up social construct. While it’s traditionally defined by penetrative sex, it’s simply a label — an imaginary object — that means something different to everyone. And no, you can’t "lose it."
Of course, the concept of virginity still has an effect on the world, even though the only difference between people who have “lost” their “virginity” and those who haven’t is that one group has had sex. Remember: Your life is not defined by the sexual choices that you make, and it certainly won’t change who you are as a person.
With that in mind, sex can still be awesome. And yes, even during your first time. Watch above as everyday people talk about losing their virginity — sharing all the pointers, advice, and stories that might answer a few questions. Whenever you do decide to have sex for the first time, remember it’s your body, your choice, and all about you feeling good.
Busting The Taboo Of Losing Your Virginity Having SexReleased on May 10, 2018

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