Cole & Dylan Sprouse Are Identical In These Two Weird Ways

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Fans of Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody know that real-life twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse look a lot alike. I mean, how else were they able to pull off switcheroo hijinks at the Tipton?
Now, though, it's far easier to tell Cole and Dylan apart. Cole rocks black hair to portray self-described "weirdo" Jughead Jones on Riverdale, while Dismissed star Dylan maintains the coiffed blonde mane of a mead maker and super model's boyfriend.
However, if you did want to tally the pair's similarities and differences, Cole has you covered. In a new video for GQ's "Actually Me" series, Cole spills all the tea.
"[Our voice] is incredibly similar. Probably the most identical part about us," said Cole. "Except, for our nipple size, which is also exactly the same."
As for their differences? Well, Cole may be trolling us here (just guessing), but he has some thoughts.
"I am much more muscular than my brother and my jawline is much more strapping, which we all agree on."
Though Cole and Dylan may seem like a package deal, they've done their own things lately. Cole spends a lot of time in Vancouver, where they shoot his CW series, while Dylan and his girlfriend Barbara Palvin have just moved to their shared Brooklyn apartment. Palvin hasn't even met Cole yet!
As for whether Cole would want Dylan to join him on Riverdale, that's a resounding "no, thanks." He told Glamour in 2017:
"It would be super, super weird and totally not appropriate [for Dylan to be on Riverdale]. I also just don’t think Dylan wants to; to be honest, I wouldn’t want to either. People want to see us onscreen together again, and that’s fine. That’s flattering, I guess. But if it’s going to destroy the kind of world that we’ve built [on Riverdale], it’s wildly inappropriate."
Guess we'll have to find a new way to compare the Sprouse twins. Suite Life reruns, anyone?
Check out Cole's GQ video below:

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