Dylan Sprouse Is Truly Terrifying In His New Movie Dismissed

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In the absence of the much longed-for Riverdale story line in which Jughead meets his evil twin, Dylan Sprouse has something almost as good to offer the world. The first trailer for his big return to acting, Dismissed, has premiered on Entertainment Weekly. It looks like he's just as talented as his twin brother Cole at portraying dark and moody teenage boys.
Actually, dark and moody is a bit of an understatement. In Dismissed, Sprouse plays the downright terrifying genius high schooler Lucas Ward. He starts off being quite the teacher's pet and overachiever, playing chess with his English teacher and turning in an actual bound book in place of a paper.
"I know I want to go to Harvard, because there's no use in doing anything unless you can be the very best at it," he tells his instructor, Mr. Butler (Kent Osborne).
It seems like everything starts to suck for Mr. Butler when he gives Lucas a B+ on a paper, and the star pupil shows he's not all that sweet. We see him doing something to make a microscope explode into another kid's eye as Mr. Butler starts asking around about his behavior.
"What a perfect family you have," Lucas says, possibly to Butler or to his wife, both of whom are seen holding their baby with abject fear in their eyes. Oh, crap. If Sprouse were looking to erase Zack Martin from our minds, threatening a baby will probably do it.
"I always find a book that much more compelling when the character stands to lose everything," he says. When this movie premieres on VOD and digital platforms on November 21, it very well might scare off a generation from ever deciding to teach high school.
In the meantime, our eyes are glued to Twitter to see if this trailer leads to a new round of trolling from Cole.
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