About That Time Seth Meyers "Who-ed" Cole Sprouse On National Television

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By round of hands, who here knows who Cole Sprouse is? Everyone should have their hand raised. Sprouse spent years on the Disney channel sitcom Suite Life of Zack & Cody (2005 - 2008), and has been made immortal through syndication and reruns. Also, he's on the teen mega-hit Riverdale. However, once upon a time, Seth Meyers did not know who Cole Sprouse was.
"I'm sorry it took this long for me to have you [on the show], but I want to apologize for something else," Meyers told Sprouse on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Almost a year ago, Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes, Betty and Veronica on Riverdale, appeared on the show, and discussed their co-stars with Meyers. Meyers explained he was excited to see Molly Ringwald on Riverdale. Reinhart and Mendes were more excited about Cole Sprouse.
"For us, it was like, Cole Sprouse! Suite Life! We grew up with that," Reinhart said at the time.
Meyers responded, "Okay, now, tell me something: Who is Cole Sprouse?"

Oof. Come on, Seth. In the recent interview with Sprouse, Meyers explained that he wasn't part of the Suite Life generation. However, Mr. Meyers, you could have very well seen Cole Sprouse in Friends (1994 - 2004) or Big Daddy (1999).
This is all probably fine with Sprouse, who seems eager to be rid of his Suite Life shadow. When Glamour pestered him about whether or not his twin Dylan Sprouse (a.k.a Zack Martin) would appear on the show in October, Sprouse balked.
"Absolutely zero. I wouldn’t want it, Dylan would never do it, and I think it would break fourth wall too much," Sprouse said.
Then, for good measure, he added, "It would be super, super weird and totally not appropriate. I also just don’t think Dylan wants to; to be honest, I wouldn’t want to either. People want to see us onscreen together again, and that’s fine. That’s flattering, I guess. But if it’s going to destroy the kind of world that we’ve built [on Riverdale], it’s wildly inappropriate."
He's all Jughead all the time, now, so we guess it's okay if Seth Meyers isn't a part of the Suite Life fandom. Watch Sprouse's full interview on Late Night, below.
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