SNL Saluted The Women Of Congress In A Drama We’re Ready To Binge

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
As if we didn’t have enough TV shows in our streaming queue, Saturday Night Live has just given us the parody show that we deeply wish wasn’t really a joke. It’s called Women of Congress, and it stars newly-elected and incumbent female members of the 116th Congress, in the vein of Charlie’s Angels. And yes, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the leader of the squad.
Charlie’s Angels, of course, had three crime-fighting private investigators. In Women of Congress, we are blessed with eight powerful women whose names are already familiar: Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (performed by musical guest Halsey), Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Annie Kuster, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They’re decked out in suffragette white, just as many congresswomen wore to the State of Union address last week. Pelosi, played by Kate McKinnon, is even sporting the fabulous blue and white necklace (designed by Mariquita Masterson) she wore as she banged the gavel.
The sketch features the group assembled in Pelosi’s office, who has just announced that they have a new message from President Donald Trump (reprised by Alec Baldwin). “Congratulations, women of Congress. Since I’ve been president, we have more women in Congress than ever before” says Trump. At this point, the Women of Congress fold their arms and are completely disgusted, with Kuster (Aidy Bryant) shouting, “You don’t get to take credit for that!” And she’s right — Trump did attempt to take credit for that during the State of Union address, but failed to realize the irony that more women were elected to Congress as a repudiation of his anti-women rhetoric and policies.
The group begins screaming in frustration, and Tlaib grabs a baseball bat to destroy the Charlie’s Angels-esque speaker from which Trump’s voice is coming from. “And you’re not rich!” exclaims Waters, clearly hitting Trump where it hurts.
While we’re bummed that Women of Congress is not real, we’re still awed by the election of the most diverse Congress in history, and plan to watch their progress as though it were a Netflix show anyway. Maybe that’s called C-SPAN? You can watch the sketch below.

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