Sophie Turner Had To Dye Her Hair Twice A Week For Game Of Thrones

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Everyone is gearing up for the final season of Game of Thrones, which will premiere on April 14. For months, HBO has been taunting fans with cryptic trailers that have everyone questioning: Who's going to end up on the Iron Throne?
Well, when we asked Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, to spill the details in a recent interview, she had nothing to share about the ending of the epic series that has been airing since 2011 (although she has told three or four of her friends exactly what goes down in season eight). But she did tell us about some of her plans now that GoT is over.
First, she's got to go on the road to promote her new role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and eventually there will be wedding bells with fiancé Joe Jonas (although she's pretty tight-lipped about the details). And during all of that, she's plotting what her next hair color will be. Yeah, Sansa is a redhead no more.
The actress, who's not a natural redhead but a born blonde, has been dyeing her hair since the age of 13, when she started GoT. Right now, she's rocking icy blonde strands, but she is considering something more drastic in 2019 (more on that later).
Refinery29 got a chance to sit down with Turner, who is the global brand ambassador for Wella Professionals, at the launch of the brand's Koleston Perfect and INVIGO care lines. In the interview, she shares a few Game of Thrones tidbits, the one beauty tip she learned from her future sister-in-law, Priyanka Chopra, and a hair color horror story that'll have you running towards the deep conditioner. Read more from Sophie, ahead.
We read that you once tried to go from red back to your natural blonde and almost lost your hair. Can you tell us more about what happened?
"When I got back from the salon, I was brushing my hair, and it was coming right out. It was awful. When I went back to Game of Thrones, the [stylists] said, 'I don't know if we can dye it, it might ruin your hair. It's in such bad condition.' So, I wore a wig. Before that, I was changing my color with semi-permanent dye for Game of Thrones, so I would have to dye it quite a lot — twice a week maybe."
After that experience, what are your top tips for people looking to start dying their hair?
"I would say have it done professionally, have aftercare for your hair once it’s been dyed, and ask for Wella hair dye. If you dye your hair, your hair will always end up being so dry, and if you use Koleston Perfect, it's like nothing ever happened to your hair."
Your new X-Men role also has you in red hair. With so many of your roles in red hair, do you feel more connected to red or blonde?
"It's so interesting. I feel different ways about each hair color. With my red, I feel very empowered, because with every character that I've played that has red hair, they've been such a strong and powerful character. I love it for that. But, my blonde hair gives me a new identity that's actually me. I feel more at-home when I come back to my blonde hair; it also makes me feel a bit cooler and edgier."
It seems like your movie roles have been pretty demanding when it comes to hair. If you were to take a year off of acting, what drastic changes would you make with your hair?
"I was thinking of going brunette, but I reckon that I'll have to do that for a role at some point. Maisie [Williams] dyed her hair bright pink, and I kind of love that, so I'm thinking a pastel color, like a green or blue."
"Oh, really? I want to be cool, so I'll do lilac. I want to be 'in' with the kids."
If you could swap hair with anyone on Game of Thrones, who would it be?
"Kit Harington [laughs]. He has beautiful, curly locks. I would love short, black, curly hair. I just don't know if it would look good on me. I will say that he does have this meticulous way of making sure each that curl is perfect."
On the topic of GoT, how hard it is for you to not let out any details about how the series ends?
"I'm fairly good with press, but I'm not good with friends and family. People who don't watch the show anyway, I probably will tell them. People who do watch the show, I won't tell them, because it'd just be mean to give them the spoiler. But I have told like three or four people. It's been hard. I'm a blabbermouth. If someone tells me a secret, I get so excited about it, so it's not good. And I've been holding this in since we got the scripts a year and a half ago."
It's hard for my boyfriend, too. I'm currently catching up on GoT, and every time I'm watching, he'll hint at what's going to happen.
"That's what my fiancé [Joe Jonas] does! He'll be like, 'You should watch this show,' and I'll be like, 'Oh, cool.' Then, he'll tell me the ending, and I'm like... 'What's the point in that?' I don't want to be that person with [Game of Thrones], but I think I am."
You have a new sister in the family. Have you learned any beauty lessons from Priyanka?
"She makes her own face masks and lip scrubs. She was trying to teach me, but I have forgotten all of them."
Speaking of face masks, we saw you touched up a zit on Instagram Stories the other day. What are your go-to products when you have a breakout?
"I just bought these tiny little patches [Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers] from Amazon. You put them on when you go to sleep, you wake up the next day, and they're just gone — also water, moisturizer, and a good diet. That’s how you do it."
We’ve seen that you have a love for music. Who is the throwback pop star that influenced your beauty and style the most?
"Britney [Spears] for sure, like old-school Britney. Her hair in the ["Baby One More Time"] music video with the [pigtails] and the pink, fluffy hair ties. Her style was so cool. I'm actually going to have a '90s party soon, just so I can dress up like Britney. I want to wear the red, skin-tight catsuit."

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