The Minimalist French-Manicure Trend You'll Want To Wear All Winter

Photo: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images.
Long before we had neon coffin nails and gel manicures made to look like spiderwebs, the most ubiquitous form of nail art was the humble French tip. The classic style, with its strip of white curving across the top of the nail, is far from new; some may even call it passé. But now, there's an au courant way to wear the French manicure — and you're about to see it everywhere.
For 2019, the pros are turning the perennial nail trend on its head, reworking it into a fresh design that's both minimalist and totally unexpected. We're calling the look the negative French tip — essentially, a skinny orbital outline around just the tip of the nail.
Olive & June founder and CEO Sarah Gibson Tuttle tells us that she loves the trend because of its simplicity, which makes it especially easy to DIY. "Simple, delicate nail art elevates any manicure," Tuttle says. "All you need to recreate the look at home is tape, polish, and a striping brush. Apply a small piece of tape where you want to create your negative space, trace around the taped area with your striping brush dipped in polish, then peel off the tape, and voilà — you have your negative French tip."
For inspiration on how everyone's wearing what's poised to be winter's biggest nail-art trend, scroll through some of the best looks, ahead.

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