The Delicate Nail Art Trend We're Seeing Everywhere This Holiday Season

Photo: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images.
In the scope of nail art, it's hard to find the sweet spot between ho-hum French tips and over-the-top glitter. One feels generic and overdone, while the other is flashy enough stop oncoming traffic with the simple flick of the wrist. But this time of year, we need something in the middle — a fresh take on the festive manicure that stops just short of tacky twinkle lights.
Luckily, the current nail trend du jour — starry nails — is both seasonally appropriate and wildly chic (according to the feeds of just about every cool-girl on Instagram). This trend will have even the most nail art-averse reaching for a striping brush or star sticker decals.
Whether you prefer your base color in glossy black or minimalist nude, we've gathered all the nail art inspiration you need to try star nail art on your own or at your next salon appointment.

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