18 Makeup Looks That Take All The Fuss Out Of Planning New Year's Eve

Photo: Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images.
When the earliest-known New Year's Eve celebrations went down in 2000 B.C.E., the Mesopotamians probably weren't spending the days leading up to the party worried about the falsies that could last through sticky showers from popped Champagne bottles (which, frankly, no one likes, by the way) or exactly what kind of updo they'd spin into a fancy hair clip. But in this day and age, what you wear seems almost as important as who you'll be kissing when the clock strikes midnight... if not more.
The good news is you've got most of your NYE to-do list crossed off: You ordered the dress, you booked the blowout, and you've scheduled the pre-party manicure. But what about your makeup? Lucky for you, we took all the fuss out of shopping around for a glittery lid or festive cat-eye, and rounded up the only inspiration you'll need to get the night started. Even better, we asked some pros — A-list makeup artists Mario Dedivanovic, Violette, and Nam Vo — for their party makeup advice.
Ahead, everything you need to know to have the coolest look on New Year's Eve.

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