The Best Glitter Eyeshadows For Clean Freaks Who Hate Glitter

We have a machinist from New Jersey to thank for the invention of modern-day glitter. In 1934, Henry Ruschmann devised a way to crush up plastic to produce large quantities of the shiny stuff. He created a manufacturing company — Meadowbrook Glitter — to double down on his brainchild and now, decades later, that crushed up shiny stuff is everywhere to be found in makeup aisles, from lipglosses, eyeliners, and most definitely eyeshadows.
But there is one big downside of wearing glittery eyeshadow: That shit gets everywhere. Thankfully, some brands have come to realize that we definitely don't want to be wiping glitter out of our hair, bathroom tiles, and clothes the entire day, opting for improved technology and things like eyeshadow creams.
We can't thank them enough. Ahead, check out our favorite foolproof glitter shadows that won't be haunting you and all of your belongings days after wearing it.
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This high-impact shadow won Refinery29's Beauty Innovator Awards for a reason: The long-wearing formula is loaded with fine glitter that dries down to a budge-proof finish. (Drag queens love it, too, and they know their stuff.)
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Ever since debuting at Sephora this summer, this Hourglass glitter eyeshadow is never not selling out. With its fine glitter texture and finish that allows you to blend different shades together on your eyelids, fans have dubbed this a potted version of that beloved Stila liquid shadow, above.
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Leave it to Tom Ford to formulate an array of smooth cream shadows in ultra-pigmented metallic shades like deep bronze and sea-inspired blue that make the steep $46 price tag seem not that unreasonable.
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Now that we've raved about RMS Beauty's natural-finish Living Luminizer highlighter, it's time you meet the brand's glossy eye polish, which comes in both metallic and satin finishes.
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If you love glitter and you're looking to splurge, this palette is right up your alley. As seen on Cardi B, Amandla Stenberg, and SZA at the 2018 VMAs, Pat McGrath's upcoming attraction includes 10 richly-pigmented shades that don't budge — if you can wait until September 7 to get your hands on it, that is.
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There's a shade in Urban Decay's collection of glitter liners for everyone, whether you're looking for silver, purple, pink, or gold. We love wearing it solo or layering it over other liners for a more graphic effect.
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This versatile eyeshadow duo features a metallic liquid shadow on one end, and a tacky chunky glitter on the other.
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Hate loose glitter with a burning passion? Try Lemonhead's SpacePastes instead. The finger-friendly creams are loaded with a mix of fine and chunky particles and once they're set, they're not transferring onto anything.
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Sheer these shadows out with a finger or brush for a touch of shine, or layer them up for a metallic foiled look.
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We like to think of this glitter gel as a gateway drug into more intense glitters. It'll set you back just $1 and comes in five wearable shades. There's one caveat, though: Unlike some of the other shadows in this roundup, this one doesn't last too long on its own, so we suggest laying a primer down underneath to improve wear-time.
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Not sure how intense you want to go? Reach for one of Revlon's new PhotoReady Eye Arts. The double-sided tubes hold a metallic liquid shadow on one end and a glittery gel on the other. Both of the shades can be worn solo or mixed and matched for custom looks.
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One swipe of this E.L.F. gel provides a sheer veil of sparkle, but two or three will take you into high-shine territory. Just make sure to let each layer dry before going in for more.

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