The Best Glitter Eyeshadows For Clean Freaks Who Hate Glitter

We have a machinist from New Jersey to thank for the invention of modern-day glitter. In 1934, Henry Ruschmann devised a way to crush up plastic to produce large quantities of the shiny stuff. He created a manufacturing company — Meadowbrook Glitter — to double down on his brainchild and now, decades later, that crushed up shiny stuff is everywhere to be found in makeup aisles, from lipglosses, eyeliners, and most definitely eyeshadows.
But there is one big downside of wearing glittery eyeshadow: That shit gets everywhere. Thankfully, some brands have come to realise that we definitely don't want to be wiping glitter out of our hair, bathroom tiles, and clothes the entire day, opting for improved technology and things like eyeshadow creams.
We can't thank them enough. Ahead, check out our favourite foolproof glitter shadows that won't be haunting you and all of your belongings days after wearing it.

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