Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15 Finale Recap

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After an incredible run, season 15 of KUWTK has finally come to a close. The Kim-Kourtney feud has come to a close. The babies have been born. The only drama left to sift through? All of those controversial and confusing Kanye West moments from 2018. Or at least some of those moments. Plus, the family's major Met Gala moment, Khloé Kardashian's big launch and Alice Johnson's life-changing news.
This week, we're going to split up the finale recap by the main character's of the episode: Kim, Kanye, and then the rest of the crew. Things are about to get emotional.
Kim Kardashian West
At the center of this episode is Alice Marie Johnson's life-changing pardon delivered by President Donald Trump. Kim's passion for prison reform started when she saw a video about Alice's unfair sentence, and decided that she wanted to help her get out of prison. She reached out to Ivanka Trump (to talk "woman-to-woman"), who called Jared Kushner, who reached out to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, and then, against all the odds, Trump approves the parson, and then Alice is released. But none of this is new news. This entire process made headlines in a huge way, especially paired with the subsequent headlines about Kanye's own politics.
Despite knowing all this, we actually learn a few key new details about Trump and Kim's own politics.
1. Kim calls him Trump.
2. Kim quotes Jared saying nothing can ever be 100% with Trump because he is such a wildcard.
3. Kim's never been to the White House before.
4. Kim wears Jackie Kennedy's watch to meet with Trump for "Kennedy strength," not a "Kennedy curse."
5. Trump talked about how much he "loved" Kanye.
7. Trump "doesn't want to stop," and hopes to continue prison reform.
Kim also repeats a key messages that she clearly wants viewers to remember: she has different opinions than the President, she has different opinions than her husband, and she is also capable of fighting for prison and justice reform while also enjoying herself at the Met Gala.
Yes, in the midst of all the Alice news, and Kanye drama, Kim and her sisters attend the Met Gala (sans Kanye) and serve full lewks. Around this time, she comes to the conclusion that she can only be herself, and fully control herself — not her husband. She tells her friends Simon Huck and Jonathan Cheban that after reading about and watching Kanye's TMZ appearance and comments, she started hysterically crying and rushed home, expecting him to be a wreck. Instead he was totally fine. "He loves being ramped up,” she says. He loves acting “crazy.”
But back to Alice — Kim's said before that she heard about Alice's release while she was naked in a bathrobe while on a photoshoot, and we see that story come to life at the end of the finale. Wearing a white robe covered in make-up, Kim calls Alice to (unknowingly) break the news to her and the conversation is incredibly emotional. Alice deems Kim and her lawyer, Shawn, her "war angels."
Kim's final mantra of season 15 is a deep one: "I used to live my life being so passionate about me," but now, it's all about other people.
Kanye West
Kris just wants to make everything better. But Kanye is really making it difficult, thanks to his radical honesty. Or rather, his radicalness in general. For those wondering: yes, the family is aware of Kanye's tweets and behavior at all times. Yes, they were/are concerned. No, there's nothing they can/will do about it because that's just how Kanye is. "When he gets ramped up, he can't control what he says," seems to be the excuse on everyone's lips, and it's causing tension within the family.
First, Kris is told to cancel her Ellen Show appearance to avoid any additional press about Kanye's words, but she maintains she wants to go on the show because she believes in communication. Then, Kim has her Alice meeting with Trump and has to blur the optics between her and Kanye's politics in order to make her point regarding prison reform. And finally, there's that Wyoming listening party which is meant to clear the air. Anyone who's listened to his album Ye know that it cleared up little, and may have even added a little more fuel to the fire.
Even so, Kim establishes that the party (and his subsequent interview with Charlamagne Tha God), was a good move to show Kanye's improved communication skills.
We see very little of the man himself until the end of the episode, when he attends family dinner. He's all smiles, and cracks a laugh when Mason reveals that he loves his new song, to a shocked Kourtney. "You're allowed to listen to that?" she asks, side-eyeing Scott.
The Crew
Khloé is back from maternity leave to start working on Good American, and she needs some help so she enlists two handy helpers: 1. A nanny cam, and 2. Pierre the mime (remember him?). The nanny cam is to spy on Tristan Thompson without him knowing (oops, but valid), and Pierre is a gift from Kris to cheer Khloé up as she transitions to working mom. Khloé is struggling to be apart from her "Mama," (that's her and Tristan's nickname for True), but she's got a business to run!
Meanwhile, all we get of Kendall and Kylie is a brief clip at the Met Gala, where they're full glam and hamming up for the photographers on the red carpet. Kourtney started the season strong, but ended it really low-key and is barely in the finale at all...which I think... is what she wanted all along. Full circle moment.
What we want next season...
More Kylie and Travis Scott.
More kid kontent.
Less spon-con.
More drahhhh-ma.
Our weekly round-up of the craziest one-liners from the episode (these are all out of context because it makes them funnier):
“I hate champagne.” — Kim
“100%. For the vibe.” — Jonathan Cheban
"Have you gotten any advice talking to Trump?" — Jake
"I don't know if anyone has advice for talking to Trump..." — Kim

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