It Happened: Kim Kardashian & Donald Trump Met In The Oval Office

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Well, it happened. Thanks to a tweet from Donald Trump, we now know that those rumors about Kim Kardashian meeting at the White House were accurate.
Per the POTUS' tweet, the KKW Beauty founder and former Celebrity Apprentice host met to discuss prison reform — an issue close to Kardashian's heart.
"Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing," Trump wrote in the tweet.
He is all smiles in the photograph as Kardashian stands behind him at his desk in the Oval Office.
Twitter had strong reactions to the photo.
"What fresh hell are we living in?!?," one commenter responded.
"So you DO know that this Kim isn't the dictator of NK, right?," asked another. "They are different Kims."
"I think that The Onion story has finally jumped the shark," joked another. "They have run out of ideas. This would never happen."
Still, some people were excited by the meeting:
"Loving the fact @KimKardashian and @kanyewest are backing @POTUS," wrote one supporter.
"Give her credit guys, for whatever reason she is doing it for, at least she is doing something that will benefit someone," added another.
This article was originally published at 2:20 p.m. on May 30, 2018.
Kim Kardashian, Kontour Kueen, reality TV star, and... budding lobbyist? If the Yeezy 350s fit!
Reports confirm Kardashian will visit the White House on Wednesday to meet with Jared Kushner and President Donald Trump to lobby for the pardon of Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old woman who received a life sentence in prison more than two decades ago over a first-time, nonviolent drug offense. Though the flight from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. is approximately five hours, Kardashian believes it all to be worth it, tweeting Wednesday morning, "Happy Birthday Alice Marie Johnson. Today is for you." The makeup mogul and mother of three has been vocal about her support for Johnson and shared an online petition to grant clemency for the grandmother who is currently behind bars with her 60 million followers earlier this month.
According to Vanity Fair, Kardashian took her online activism a step further and contacted Kushner, who serves as a senior advisor to his father-in-law, the President, to set up the meeting. Kushner has been active in promoting prison reform over the past year, and helped to successfully pass a bill that will boost educational opportunities for prisoners so they are more quipped for the outside world upon release. Kushner's father briefly served time in 2005 for tax evasion, making illegal campaign donations, and witness tampering.
Though Kardashian hasn't released her talking points yet, she told Mic earlier this month that, if given the opportunity to speak with Trump, she would "explain to him that, just like everybody else, we can make choices in our lives that we're not proud of and that we don't think through all the way."
"If you think about a decision that you've made in your life and you get life without the possibility of parole for your first-time nonviolent offense, there's just something so wrong with that," she added.
Johnson penned an essay for CNN in which she said she "could only thank God" for Kardashian and Kushner's willingness to take the issue to Trump.
Kardashian's meeting with the president comes just weeks after her husband, Kanye, made headlines for tweeting that he loves Trump. In one tweet, the rapper even posed with a Make America Great Again hat. The controversial Twitter rampage caused an uproar amongst fans and even some of West's friends, including singer John Legend, who argued West's affections for the president were unwarranted and dangerous, considering some of Trump's past racist remarks and policies. West further angered people when he made a comment that slavery was a choice. Kardashian subsequently tweeted that while she disagrees with some of her husband's views, she stood by his right to have an opinion and lauded him as being "years ahead of his time."
As for today, Vanity Fair reports West won't attend the meetings with his wife.

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