Can You Guess What State Kanye West Is Chillaxing In Right Now?

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
Kanye West recently deleted all traces of his social media presence, and has been quite an elusive figure for the better part of 2017, following a health scare due to his demanding tour schedule. The notoriously outspoken rapper is now silent. To some, it's worrisome. To others, it's a sign of a creative artist hunkering down out of the spotlight. If you're one of those people wondering if West is okay, then we have your answer: he is just in the good ole state of Wyoming!
TMZ reports that he is at a mountaintop getaway, which sounds ideal for a guy trying to get some clarity away from the constant camera crews and Snapchat filters invading his family home in California. So it's all good If you're like me, you want to know why West is in Wyoming, other than that it's a probably the most fun state name to say.
So I did a little prodding to see what the great state of Wy-o-ming has to offer a man like West, who seems to have it all back home in Calabasas. He could be in Wyoming because May is one of the best times to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming (a destination for many bougie outdoorsy types). Or maybe he read this prophetic piece by a writer for Brooklyn Magazine, which states, "Wyoming is rich with associations: endless skies, arid landscapes, cowboys, rodeos, sculpted mountains, empty spaces, Dick Cheney, lingering beauty, the least populous state in the Union. Me, I associate Wyoming with Kanye West." Could West really have stumbled up on this ode to his track "Homecoming" and taken it as inspiration for a change of scenery? Or maybe he just searched Kanye West + Wyoming on Twitter like I just did and realized that people in Wyoming really like him and find his albums to be ideal road trip soundtracks.
Most likely, he's in an isolated studio doing his thing. He is relaxing, recharging, and producing tracks inspired by the great unknown that is mother earth (I made the last part up, but I am sure I am right). But I wouldn't hate if West released his own nature-inspired photoshoot for GQ à la Brad Pitt, tentatively titled "The Life Of Wyoming Pablo."
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