Do I Really Have To Tell Y'all That Brad Pitt Did Not Copy Harry Styles' Poses?

Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images; Frank Trapper/Getty Images.
By now you must know that May 3 unofficially became The Day Brad Pitt Returned. In a glorious and monumental photoshoot for GQ Style, Pitt debuted a whole new side of himself. The photos, taken by Ryan McGinley, are truly a sight to be seen. A total of 31 photos of the Fight Club actor made it into the magazine (what I would do to see the outtakes), and immediately after the best (note: craziest) ones started making their way around Twitter, people couldn't help but notice the similarities between Pitt's foray around America's National Parks and singer Harry Style's 2016 nature photoshoot for Another Magazine.
The similarities are indeed there, and have the Internet freaking out. Some claim that Pitt took a cue from the former One Direction-er (which, LOL — no), but in reality, there's a very easy explanation for why the there are some similar images in each of the men's shoots: both were photographed by McGinley. In fact, in one picture, the two are even wearing the exact same sweater vest, which is unusual, but it happens.
Below, we have three examples of Pitt and Styles emulating the same sensitive-artsy pose. There's the "I'm about to cry" face, which makes me high-key emotional. Then there's the emerald green sweater vest making its cameo in both spreads. There's the wide landscape shot where each of the men are staring longingly into the distance, Pitt in a field of desert land and Styles in a field by a body of water (presumably somewhere on the coast of England). And finally, there's one of them each squatting in front of a green background.
McGinley is a great photographer, and it's meta of him to make Styles and Pitt do the same poses and wear the same freakin' vest, but don't play Pitt like that. The moment that former Sexiest Man Alive and esteemed actor Brad Pitt legitimately copies Harry Styles, I'll be sure to let you know.
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